What’s Wrong With Trump Supporters: Warrior-Politics Part 1

What’s Wrong With Trump Supporters: Warrior-Politics Part 1

If you aren’t a Trump supporter, chances are you’re exasperated right now. You just can’t figure it out: what’s wrong with half the country? You’ve considered the fact that half the country might just be racist, sexist, homophobic, deplorable wads of compressed hate, but you’ve rejected that hypothesis because you have a soul. Yet still, you’re baffled by the thought processes of Trump voters, which seem to consistently have nothing to do with sane, logical reasoning.

Why do Trump’s supporters cheer him on when he makes dubious promises and insults whole groups of people? Why do they consistently disregard everything the mainstream media says about Trump, and believe unquestioningly everything he says about the media? Why do so many of them not know anything about their own guy’s policies

For a while, I wondered those same things myself. Then, things happened, as they often do. Those things will be discussed at a later date, but the end result was the birth of a Trump supporter. And by the time I had cast my vote for the Donald on November 8th, I knew all the answers.

We DO think differently, in a way that’s not familiar to either Democrats or establishment Republicans. In fact, our alien approach to politics could probably better be understood by supporters of Bernie Sanders.

My understanding of these two perspectives is limited, but non-trivial. Already I know that they represent two entirely disparate methods of thought, which are capable of being extended beyond the realm of politics. Make no mistake: Trump supporters seem illogical because our methods of reasoning are unfamiliar to you. You’re caught off guard by the lengths we’ll go to defend our champion because the paradigm that we share is one that has became rare in Western society over the past half-century.

For now, we’ll call the Trump-supporter paradigm warrior-politics.

Every warrior fights and dies for a banner. Political warriors adhere to the banner of a leader or group of leaders, and support them unconditionally. They’re concerned primarily with defeating and discrediting their political enemies, and moving the ideological lines of battle to claim more territory for their side. Trump’s supporters follow him because he’s their guy, and aren’t particularly concerned with what exactly he’s going to do in office because they know he’ll do it right.

Warrior-politics places character over policy.

In my case, I came to follow Trump not because of his own character, but because of one of his commanders, Mike Cernovich of Danger&Play. His book, Gorilla Mindset, was the key that unlocked the sealed gates of my mind. These three sentences from the introduction are the words that have formed the core of my new self:

You must take personal responsibility for your thoughts and emotions. You must stop blaming the system. The days of looking outside of yourself for answers are gone.

I paraphrase this all the time without even knowing I’m doing it. It’s hard to overstate how much Mike Cernovich and Gorilla Mindset have influenced who I am, and as such I have tremendous respect for the man.

And so, when he says Trump is what’s up and Hillary’s no good, I’m gonna trust him, because who am I to judge? I’m just a kid who plays guitar. I don’t know anything about the issues. I’ve only been to 4 states that I can remember: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas, and I’ve never been outside the US. Mike Cernovich has built an immense media platform, wrote the most successful nonfiction book at launch of 2015, been to more countries than I have states, and wrote three sentences that became the core of the powerful new persona I’ve created, Mike Meliora, as seen in the lyrics of my first song.

I think Mike Cernovich knows what he’s talking about when it comes to who can get the job done.

So at this point, warrior-politics seems to me more favorable than talking about the issues, because I just don’t know enough to decide my own positions on the issues. I’d rather stand firmly behind someone I know to be a good guy, and let him figure stuff out.

But how can Trump be a good guy if he’s done all these terrible things according to the mainstream media? Yeah, High Command, how could he? Turns out there’s another side to the story, as is often true.

The strongest argument I can make for warrior-politics is that there really isn’t any objective standard of truth in politics anymore. America has become ideologically polarized to the point that both sides claim the other is lying. While the media used to serve as an unquestioned arbiter of unbiased facts, recent developments have called their veracity and impartiality into question. More than ever, both sides now have their own set of “facts”, and which set you believe comes down to who you trust. And warrior-politics is all about trust.

So now you know. We follow Trump to the grave because we trust him. We see his seemingly indefensible and confused rhetoric as a form of strategy, as Cernovich explains in his book MAGA Mindset. We ignore the accusations of his enemies because they’re out to get him. We don’t trouble ourselves with Trump’s policy positions because our faith lies in him as a person. I’ll talk more about warrior-politics and its opposite later on, and I’ll see you on the battlefield!


Intersectional Feminists Openly Hostile To Newcomers – What Gives?

Intersectional Feminists Openly Hostile To Newcomers – What Gives?

Every so often, you come across something really…far out. Someone with opinions so crazy, it’s impossible not to laugh at them, and the temptation to unload a barrage of obliterating laser fire is strong. And I’m gonna go ahead and do it, because some impressionable young kid is gonna be reading this and thinking: “Wow, I never thought about it this way”. He won’t question it because his center of power is weak and he’s eager to become part of a community of nonthreatening feminine guys and morally questionable girls who he thinks might have sex with him (male feminists are motivated by fear and lust, I would know because I was one). I’m hoping he’ll read this, get pissed off at me, and eventually find his way to Mike Cernovich or Ivan Throne, or even Jesus Christ. In any case, all challengers are good challengers.


Today’s piece of soon-to-be-dissected meat is titled “How to survive in intersectional feminist spaces 101”. It’s a useful target because it’s intended as a sort of starter-guide for intersectional feminists. The title alone is a complete and disastrous non-starter, akin to a band starting a set with all instruments out of tune with each other (if you play in a band, do not do this). It’s just plain dysfunctional. If one has to be instructed on how to survive in your space, your space is NOT welcoming. This shows that intersectional feminists are simply not interested in recruiting well-adjusted, functional people to fight for their cause. Why would I want to become an intersectional feminist when:


  1. I’m not a racist, sexist, or homophobe, and therefore do not need to be told how to NOT be those things.
  2. I’m not a victim of anything whether you think I am or not, and therefore do not require the protection of their community.
  3. Becoming an intersectional feminist would mean subjecting myself to some ridiculous fraternity-style initiation ritual involving vast quantities of unprovoked abuse, to the point where it’s difficult to survive.


They’re just not making an effort to sell their movement here. And sell it they must, because intersectional feminists are ultimately doing all of this for their own benefit. If you say racism only affects non-whites, then you’re saying that eradicating racism has no benefit for whites. Therefore, the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders to convince whites that you deserve their help. If a random guy on the street asked you for $200, would you give it to him? Heck no, you don’t know if he’d just spend it all on drugs or lottery tickets or some crap! Again, more evidence that Social Justice Warriors tend to have a limited understanding of real-world concepts such as value, power, and social interaction. I use the word “dysfunctional” with deliberate intent, not as a mere insult.


Certainly, Not All Intersectional Feminists applies here. And as such, all of you out there who support intersectional feminism and want it to survive and grow should join me in chastising this crazy individual who’s branding your movement as, essentially, a basket of deplorables, or at best a very elitist and demanding clique.


With that said, let us dive headlong into this forbidding mire of sinister thought, and see if we can’t gather some clues as to the true nature of our old enemy.


Hey, crew. If this isn’t your first exposure to intersectional feminism you might want to drive right on by here because this is gonna be long and basic. This is largely focused on white women, but I’m pretty sure everyone can figure out what I’m talking about. If you’re a person of color, and I say “white” think “able-bodied” or some other way in which a different community is marginalized in a way you’re not. There’s gonna be some swearing and a metric crapton of metaphors. We can get through this.


Metaphors are awesome, but why do feminists always have to swear to make their points? It’s like they’re trying to show how liberated they are by using language that sounds stupid coming out of a man’s mouth, to say nothing of a woman’s. Eww.


That’s lesson one for y’all, actually. You’re gonna get corrected. And you know what? It’s a compliment. People in activist spaces are fucking tired. All the time. Activism takes literal years off your life. Nobody who is tired wants to waste effort on people who aren’t worth it; they need to save that reserve for direct action. So if someone tells you what you just did was wrong, it’s because they genuinely believe you are a good person who would do the right thing if you knew what it was. It’s not because they hate you; it’s because they like you.

Highlighted is F-bomb #1, and completely gratuitous. This paragraph emanates hostility, we don’t have time for you. You aren’t worth it. Again, absolutely atrocious salesmanwomangorillaship, and if these people don’t have the energy to be nice to people who want to help them, they’re clearly wasting energy in YUGE ways. If you hate your job, it’s probably because you’re not getting anything done.


Second of all, I chose that statement for a reason, and it’s about to get real uncomfortable in here so let me reassure you FIRST that I love you and I think you’re a worthwhile person: white people are racist. They benefit from systemic racism whether or not they actively contribute to perpetuating it, and they perpetuate it in ways that are invisible to them because they’ve never had to think about it. That’s a thing you can learn about by not jumping in on that discussion and just sitting and listening for a minute.


Racism – a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race (Merriam-Webster). According to this definition, “Benefiting from systemic racism” clearly does NOT make you racist. Social Justice Warriors have expanded the definition of “racism” to such an extreme degree that it no longer bears any resemblance to the dictionary definition. The fact that they still try to conflate this new “racism” with the old one regarding the consequences of allowing “racists” to operate unmolested (slavery, hate crimes, Nazism) shows that they have no respect for truth and are only trying to push their agenda.


Quick sidebar: In activist spaces, “doing a racist thing” does not automatically make you a bad person. “That’s racist” is not coded language for “you’re bad.” People understand that you’ve been conditioned and rewarded by society for doing that thing. What they need you to understand is that they expect you to work against that conditioning, which you literally cannot do until they show you the thing you’re doing and why it’s racist.


Racism – a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race (Merriam-Webster). If racism is a belief, than actions cannot be “racist”! Actions don’t have beliefs! A shooting of a black man by a white man is not inherently racist; the racism resides strictly in the perpetrator of the crime and is contingent upon the crime being racially motivated. If the black guy was trying to shoot the white guy, suddenly it’s not so racist anymore, right? It’s very intellectually lazy to simply assume racism in any situation where race could be a potential motivator, to say nothing of situations when race is unlikely to be involved. For instance, if a comedian tells a joke at black people’s expense, he might be considered insensitive, but he’s most likely not a racist. Actual racists like Hitler are generally not very funny, or at least not intentionally funny.


You’re going to see some epic pile-ons at some point when someone has just made a fool of themselves in a very understandable way. Someone who reminds you of you. And you’re going to feel the urge to defend them, because holy fuck, what if you’re next? That could easily be you! Protip: don’t do that. Instead, send them a nice PM and say “hey I know what you were trying to say but you just showed your whole ass in there, so why don’t you take a short walk and I’ll drop a note on the thread saying hang on, we’re in a PM about this, it’s being handled. Then we can come back to this with less emotion.”


Gratuitous F-bomb #2 has emerged, and this paragraph essentially says “don’t defend innocent people from bullying”. No, third-wave feminists aren’t nice, and they hate nice guys (more on this later). Also, note the highlighted word emotion. This sentence implies that feminist spaces are rife with emotional conflict and drama, in other words dysfunctional. What rational person would want to deal with that?


Lesson five: Defer to people’s lived experience. You’re going to run into a lot of people with a whole lot different lives than you, whether that’s someone with a disability, someone who’s gender-nonconforming, someone whose sexuality or color or income is wildly different from you. You have no way of knowing what their life is like. Please, when they make a statement about something happening to them, or interpret an interaction as harmful or aggressive, please don’t make them prove that. They don’t have to justify their life to you. Their interpretation of their experiences is based on a lifetime of knowledge and interactions that you just Do. Not. Have. You know how some compliments feel like compliments and some feel like threats? It’s just like that. You know which ones are someone genuinely thinking your outfit looks great and which ones are someone who’s about to call you a fucking cunt if you don’t respond. Do others the favor of trusting them when they say they know what was going on. They were there; you weren’t. Don’t speculate about what the other person COULD have meant by “where you from? No, where you really from?” (Incidentally, that’s racist and don’t say it. Please. Hit me up if you need to know why.)


In other words, don’t question what we say because FEELINGS. Have you ever considered that for every pock who thinks it’s racist to be asked where they’re from, there’s one who DOESN’T think that way, but feels no need to speak out about it? I don’t know about you, but I have no instinct to go around proclaiming to the world how not-offended I am when people inquire about my Ethiopian heritage. The fact is, I went to a school in Providence which was majority pock (lots of Hispanics and a few blacks like me) and the only people who complained about “racism” were white. Being easily offended is NOT the norm for pocks, some of us are just more sensitive than others, because we’re people. But nobody should have to tolerate unreasonable behavior from anyone, regardless of skin color. We have a place for people whose experience of reality is irreconcilably different from that of the rest of society; it’s called a mental hospital.


Lesson seven: Privilege and intersectionality. I know you’re probably used to thinking of privilege as something that’s earned. In activist spaces it refers to the advantages that society builds in. John Scalzi’s “lowest difficulty setting” is a great intro to privilege. Read it, and read the followups.   And then keep reading Scalzi if you’re not. He’s pretty open about what it takes for him as a straight white male to keep learning and growing. Jim Hines is another good read.  


Oh boy, Scalzi! I’ll talk about him later, but it’s nice to see that the intersectional feminist community is still capable of seeing value in white men, if only as groveling footstools.


Lesson eight: Yes you can be racist if you have a black friend. This should be kind of a no brainer. No member of a marginalized community should be expected to speak for the whole of the community. Clarence Thomas is kind of a giant asshole. Most of us have been in the room where we’re the only woman and we’ve known that if we fuck up no other woman is going to get a chance to do that. Because if a dude fucks up, it’s just him, but we’re on trial for all of femininity. It’s kind of an honor? But it’s also shitty. So yeah, maybe your One Black Friend doesn’t mind if you drop an n-bomb. Or maybe they actually do mind, and they’re not comfortable telling you about it because of power dynamics or just being really tired today and not wanting to get in one more fight with one more cracker about why it’s not ok to sing along to all the words in Country Grammar. So don’t drag your One Black Friend into a conversation about general trends in the community they’re a part of as if that was some kind of shield against being challenged.


More delightful feminist language can be found here, but that’s far from the most interesting part of this paragraph. Apparently, black people think of their white friends as “crackers”. Huh, that’s interesting. If that’s the case, then do all my white friends think of me as “that nigger”? This is tremendously insulting to black people, as it implies that we’re deeply and irrevocably racist towards whites. No matter how strong the bond of mutual respect between me and my light-skinned brother, according to intersectional feminism I will still distrust him enough based on the color of his skin to throw him in with racist “crackers”. Intersectional feminists want to push the idea that pocks are inherently paranoid towards whites, in order to guilt whites into supporting their cause. Rational whites who accept this conclusion will inevitably become racist, because they cannot distinguish themselves and earn the trust of pocks through exemplary conduct, but only by sidelining their own interests and accepting the status of oppressor forced upon them by intersectional theory. Luckily, rational whites will never accept this conclusion because it’s simply untrue, as any rational pock will tell you. While racial mistrust is inherent to the human condition, only the weak allow it to consume them.


Lesson nine: listening and sitting with discomfort. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, find some people to follow who are outspoken and who don’t look like you. Ijeoma Oluo, Kat Tanaka Okopnik and Saadia Muzaffar are a good starting place. Chescaleigh Ramsey.    Here’s a tip, though – don’t say anything for the first couple weeks. Watch other people interacting and learn from their mistakes. These women are giving the world a ton of emotional labor for free; the least you can do is benefit from it. But it’s not going to be comfortable. You’re going to have the urge to jump in and contradict or protect or explain. Don’t do it. Just sit there uncomfortably and ask yourself “what does it mean if she’s right, and what should I re-examine in my assumptions?”


Don’t provide your own unsullied perspective, wait until you’ve been properly indoctrinated to take down some other poor sucker who wasn’t as opportunistic as you. Because intersectional feminists don’t want normal people in their spaces. Also, what the heck is “emotional labor”? Since when was BEING EMOTIONAL considered a form of LABOR?


[Oh my god, there are a lot of you. Follow, don’t just randomly friend, on Facebook. Think about how you’d feel if 50,000 men you don’t know suddenly added you on FB. And if you like what you read, remember that this is real work and it’s nice when you give real money for it! Look for Patreon or a tip jar!]


No need to take the Lord’s name in vain there, but more pertinently, are you scared of your own minions? “Give us money, but don’t ask to be friends with us”. Note the word “men”. Here, the feminist High Command all but admits that they think male feminists are creepy. More on this later.


Lesson ten: nobody owes you courtesy. It would be fan-freakin-tastic if everyone was nice to each other all the time and thought about each other’s feelings first. But when you have done a thing which causes someone else an injury, they don’t owe it to you to tell you nicely. Value content over tone. And remember: if it’s not about you, don’t make it about you.


More evidence that intersectional feminists do not understand the basics of human interaction. Tone is as important as content to successful, purposeful communication. Making excuses for rude behavior, even by people who are ostensibly right, puts YOUR OWN SIDE at a disadvantage because nobody wants to understand, defend, or be associated with a jerk. By telling potential recruits to “value content over tone”, you’re essentially saying “we’re mean people, but just deal with it because we’re right”. This is only an effective pitch to people who desire abuse.


Feminists love to talk about entitlement, which is always entertaining. They say that men aren’t entitled to women’s bodies, which is reasonable. They say we aren’t entitled to their time, which is also true. They say we aren’t entitled to their courtesy, which is another non-starter given their professed position of weakness but technically true. Then they proceed to expect us to hear them out and put up with being called misogynists and rapists, jump through all kinds of verbal hoops and expend emotional work (ah, feminists and their emotions) just to be a part of their movement which exists for their benefit. If that isn’t entitlement, then I have readily-identifiable weaknesses!


So if intersectional feminism is so bad at recruiting, then why are there so many intersectional feminists? Well, in all honesty, that’s something I’m still trying to figure out. I know it has something to do with being unopposed by conservatives for so long, something to do with government sanction, and a lot to do with a large base of compliant but unconvinced moderates buoying them up. But I have yet to fully document the forces that draw “normal” youth, who should find feminist spaces unwelcoming at best, into the fold in such numbers as can be found in today’s internet culture.


But I have the beginnings of a theory. I’m convinced that today’s youth have been damaged in a way that causes them to turn to SocJus for support.


Yes, I very much admit to “confirmation bias” with that statement. At this point, the cultural forces behind SocJus are beyond my forgiveness. I am determined to destroy these forces, because they tried to destroy me. As stated before, Not All Intersectional Feminists applies. Many who believe in SocJus are decent people who just haven’t had the time to truly examine the roots of what they believe and the people who tell them to believe it. Not everyone sees the effects that SocJus has on them personally, and most resist it to some degree even while they claim to embrace it wholeheartedly.


I tried to embrace it wholeheartedly, and it led to me trying to be bisexual in order to treat men and women equally.


I hold nobody responsible for this but myself, not even the feminist High Command. But I’m still gonna kick their butts out of the mainstream for championing the ideology that led to THIS abomination:

abominableAbominable v2.jpg

Eww. Good thing I killed that guy with this sword:

Mike Meliora 1 big.jpg

And then proceeded to drink his blood as such:

Mike Meliora Challenge Accepted.png

As you can see, it’s been a great joy so far. All challengers are good challengers. Until next time!

Privilege Is A Non-Starter

I locked down my sights and aimed my cannons at the concept of white privilege after seeing this on Facebook:


Aside from the implicit shaming of an innocent white guy, this post is also profoundly racist against non-whites, by implying they cannot share Brady’s powerful, functional attitude towards life. According to the left, the burden of institutional racism is so unbearable that individuals like me, an incorrigibly upbeat black kid who prioritizes the personal over the political, simply cannot exist.

Unlike some weaker members of my race, I laugh with derision at being told I don’t exist. Because the fact is, I and others like me of every color not only do exist, but possess more personal power and freedom than the left can even imagine. If you’re a white person and you think you can help us by spitting on other whites, take a good, hard look at yourself and tell me you’re in a position to be helping others.

Help yourselves first. Get rid of the loathsome concept of privilege.

The concept of privilege is predicated on the idea that it is somehow shameful to be born with advantages and powers that others lack. Supposedly, whites receive preferential treatment from society when compared with non-whites, which means that they must constantly abase themselves and each other to placate the seething resentment that burns in the heart of every oppressed Person Of Color. Again, this is inherently racist because the insistent kowtowing of white Social Justice Warriors implies that POCs must resent them and seek reparations for “oppression”. I personally happen to like white people a lot, and it irritates me when assumptions to the contrary are made by white people who don’t know what they’re talking about because they’re not me, they’re white people. But more than this, it’s just a losing attitude, a non-starter.

It’s also ridiculous when you think about it. Imagine if hot girls apologized to their less attractive friends for hogging all the male attention. It’s just not done, and for good reason. If you’re bogged down in shame over some perceived unfair advantage you possess, you’re not accelerating at full speed to claim your own victory. Again, it’s a non-starter.

That being said, there are certainly people out there who’d love to weigh you down with guilt to stop your progress cold, to demand your life revolve around them and their problems. We call these people blood-suckers, and we have a policy of axing them from every area of our lives. No matter how pitiable or how disadvantaged, you do not deliver your own precious heart into the grasping hands of a beggar. Here in the USA, you have the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. Use it! Screw your privilege, have fun and conquer!


Weakness: The Root of all Evil

Weakness: The Root of all Evil

What do I mean by weakness, you may ask?

Consider this: I am one of the weakest people on earth.

Not lack of ability or talent. I’m well aware I have plenty of those. It’s not lack of courage, willpower, or any other virtue.

The true meaning of weakness is inadequacy to one’s own expectation.

This isn’t a conditional statement, it’s not just my opinion, it’s an objective fact, proven by logic. If we accept the premises that

A: Weakness is something that leads to negative personal outcomes, and

B: Negative personal outcomes occur when one fails to meet self-expectations,

then we can say for sure that weakness is the failure to meet self-expectations. Accepting the two premises doesn’t take much work; the first is simply contingent on the idea that personal traits/decisions affect personal outcomes (if you don’t believe this, you’re a nihilist), and the second on the idea that we define our own success, that our values and self-expectations determine our moral judgments of what’s positive or negative. The second premise is also impossible to deny because whatever you believe, you chose to believe it, therefore defining your success on your own terms. Unless one believes in nothing (and I deliberately exclude such people from my worldview), it is impossible not to accept the fact that weakness is the failure to meet self-expectation.

Now that I’ve hopefully got you to accept one thing as unconditionally true in this wishy-washy post-modern philosophical climate (even something as insignificant as a definition), what does weakness do? Why should it be feared?

There are some who say the strong exploit the weak. This is wrong. The weak exploit the weak, and crucify the strong. The strong have nothing to want from the weak, and no reason to exploit when they could deal fairly instead.

There are some who preach that the strong should exterminate the weak, that this is the righteous way of the world. Yet, in the downfall of a perfect, strong society, who is it who strikes the first blow? Is it the strong, pouncing like feral dogs upon the wounded in their midst? The strong are not dogs, they are men of proud and loving spirit. They would give to the needful of their own free will, out of respect for the greatness of mankind, like reverent builders repairing damage to a magnificent structure they helped create.

No, it is the weak who will reap the deep, metaphysical rewards of weakness; jealousy, hatred, bitterness, shame; who will feel the burden that’s no one else’s to bear, the bleeding laceration of the soul that no one else, no matter how strong, can mend, and become the destroyer in his moment of weakness.

I’m not just synthesizing Atlas Shrugged here (great book, by the way, totally inspiring). I know this instinctively because, like I said in the beginning, I am one of the weakest people on earth. I expect so much of myself that I can never live up to my expectations, therefore I feel the negative emotions that weakness triggers.

This is something I almost posted on Facebook the night of my graduation. I decided not to, because it would kill the mood if anyone else from my school saw it.

“I just saw something on Facebook that made me feel jealousy and emptiness and regret. It was just something personal and stupid, another foot trodden unawares on the dry husk of a once hot-blooded desire I foolishly allowed to be buried. I shouldn’t feel bad about it, but I did, and I have to be honest with myself about how base and unbecoming my feeling is. It’s so petty and disgusting that it makes me feel unworthy of ever being close to another human being.”

I had found out that some girl I liked was in a relationship. If I had been strong, I would’ve felt happy for her. Instead, I could only feel the bitter agony of defeat. I knew her for a long time, and never managed to make a real connection. She knew I existed…and I don’t know what else, I can’t even guess and I don’t want to think about it anymore. The mere thought of her makes me feel insignificant and helpless. My own weakness has made a messy abortion of my love.

And that’s why I say, my friends, that you must not allow yourself to feel these things! You should aspire not to feel jealous, bitter, or diminished by others’ happiness, because these feelings are destructive, they are the antithesis of love. You have to become strong, to meet your expectations, either by stepping up your game, or by lowering said expectations to the level at which you can meet them. I know that if I could just curb my overactive imagination, stop demanding so much of myself, I could go from weak to strong without any change in my actual behavior. And if I were strong, I know I would be more productive, more attractive, and just better in general.

I know this because I have been strong, I’ve been strong several times during this past year, I’ve been strong back in 2015 (even during my weakest year), and I WAS strong back in elementary school, the strongest I’ve ever been. Strength fluctuates. Sure, I’m weak a lot of the time, but I have my moments, which seem to be getting more frequent over time. This is the full Facebook post that never was:

“I just saw something on Facebook that made me feel jealousy and emptiness and regret. It was just something personal and stupid, another foot trodden unawares on the dry husk of a once hot-blooded desire I foolishly allowed to be buried. I shouldn’t feel bad about it, but I did, and I have to be honest with myself about how base and unbecoming my feeling is. It’s so petty and disgusting that it makes me feel unworthy of ever being close to another human being.

And then I realized that, as a supervillain, it was my duty and my honor to ignore that feeling and get on with my life. And I felt amazing. Then the feeling came back, and I denied it again, etc. I will continue to deny it until I forget it ever existed, and then I will have won. It is not people, but our FEELINGS OF WEAKNESS that are our mortal enemies and should be crushed mercilessly. Bitterness, self-hatred, fear, and jealousy are pure destruction-they take away from us without giving anything back.”

My HONOR to fight against weakness. See, I’m getting stronger, and so can you. Even if you’re stronger than me (which is probably the case), you can still get even stronger. Weakness corrupts all human interaction, turning love into pain, pride into envy, justice into hatred, reverence into bitterness, desire into shame. In a world where all are strong, pain exists but has no meaning, no power. Love is supreme.

Create a plan to live your Aesthetic

Create a plan to live your Aesthetic

A few days ago, I learned something that changed my life.

Feelings are useless. They only serve to distract us from the greater goals in our lives and serve no purpose when compared with our advanced human capacity for faith and reason. In order to live the life we want to live, we have to IGNORE our feelings and give them no attention.

Now, when I say this, I’m not talking about what I call aesthetic feelings, that is, judgments based on our idea of what kind of person we want to be. These can be called feelings, because they’re not rational. There’s no logical reason why I should want to associate myself with death metal and not pop music, but it is undeniably true. But aesthetics are to transient emotions what heaven is to hell – directly opposed and objectively superior.

In fact, aesthetics are the source of morality, logic and reason. What you find aesthetically appealing determines what is rational for you, it defines the boundaries of right and wrong, without aesthetic judgments there is no morality and no logic in personal decisions. I want to be the type of person who creates great works of art; therefore, it is rational and morally right for me to spend my time playing guitar and coding. It is irrational and morally wrong (the two are identical in meaning wherever both are defined; aesthetics themselves are irrational but exist beyond the scope of morality) for me to spend my time watching pointless YouTube videos instead of being productive, no matter how I feel at the time.

The problem with aesthetics is that they don’t have the moment-to-moment convenience that feelings do. You can’t directly act upon an aesthetic; it has to be translated into a physical action that can compete directly with an emotional impulse toward inaction. This is where faith and reason come in. Reason allows you to transform aesthetics into material actions that will (you believe) serve the greater aesthetic. It allows you to create a plan to get from point A to point B, or more precisely, defines point A and point B in such a way that you can live your personal aesthetics on the journey between point A and point B (aesthetics are supreme over goals; a goal that serves no aesthetic is like a horse without a cart, it can do no useful work).

But no matter what his powers of reason, nobody has all the answers. We all know that the way to learn a skill is to practice it, but for how long? Using what methods? The gaps in reason must be filled for a plan of action to remain solid and have a chance at surviving the inevitable assault of emotions. The way to fill the gaps is using faith.

Faith is a choice. You can choose to believe in something, or you can choose not to. A certain amount of faith (more than most people are willing to have) is necessary to function at full capacity, because it acts as a defense against biting emotions. When you believe in your practice scheme, you’re less likely to cut sessions short when you feel you’re not playing well, like I used to.

Reason and faith are like the rope that draws action toward aesthetic, with emotions the heavy weight pulling the opposite direction. So, in order to get closer to that sought-after harmony between action and aesthetic, a good first step is to maximize the amount of reason and faith in your life by creating a plan. Break your aesthetic down (if you don’t know your aesthetic, I can’t really help you there because I was lucky enough to know mine almost from the start, something I’ll always be grateful for) into an actionable plan using reason, make the choice to have faith in your plan, and see where it takes you. Mine is just a simple schedule that breaks down my day hour-by-hour, as follows:

7:00-8:30 Morning Check-in(Wake up, shower, post on Facebook, meditation, object writing, breakfast)
8:30-10:30 Guitar (practice)
10:30-12:00 Guitar (recording)
12:00-1:30 Training/Lunch/Freetime
1:30-4:00 Coding
4:00-5:30 Visual Art(drawing/Blender)
5:30-6:00 Japanese practice
6:00-8:00 Writing(fiction/nonfiction)
8:00-9:00 Dinner/Freetime
9:00-10:30 Reading, bedtime

What I’m trying to do with this is have an idea of what I should be doing at any given time, so I stay productive and avoid goofing off. I don’t follow it slavishly; if I get into an activity, continuing to engage in that activity would serve my aesthetic better than cutting myself off and starting something else. I’ve only been doing this for 3 days, but it’s worked so well at improving my productivity and general well-being that I don’t want to wait to share the idea!

If you’re like me, and you wanna be a big-time supervillain, you can’t afford to pull any punches. Heroes tend to travel in packs of four to five, therefore an effective villain is as strong as five heroes. Start bulking up by shifting your focus AWAY from transient feelings and towards a steel-hard plan forged in faith and reason!

Masculinity is a Solution, not a Problem!

So I found this news/entertainment website today called Odyssey, which is apparently run by millennials. That’s cool, I always like to hear from people closer to my age, but there’s different types of millennials. In an attempt to gauge the ideological climate of the site, I typed the word “masculinity” into the search window, hit Enter, and almost fell off my chair laughing! These are some of the titles that turned up:


As is all too common, the writers at Odyssey have no idea what masculinity is all about; they seem to think a “masculine” man is one who beats his wife due to bottled-up “emotions” that he’s not allowed to express for fear of somehow becoming gay! Sure, masculinity isn’t “nice”. What it is, is a healthy BIOLOGICAL construct (not a social one) that ultimately leads to great things.

True masculinity is not a problem, it’s not fragile, and it doesn’t hurt men OR women. If millennial men were at all masculine, millennial women who write for Odyssey would have nothing to complain about!

Masculinity does NOT mean not having feelings. Music makes me cry all the time; I’m okay with that, not because feminists tell me it’s okay, but because it’s good music and it inspires and affirms me. A man who feels nothing also does nothing. Masculinity DOES mean being solution-oriented instead of taking your emotions out on others. A real man, when unhappy in a relationship, will simply find someone else instead of abusing his partner. He is secure in his own power, and does not bully other men or disrespect women out of a need to feel strong. If he’s gay, he’s okay with that, and if he’s straight, that’s fine too.

Masculinity does NOT mean feeling entitled to anything, least of all sex! A real man knows that the world owes him nothing. He must fight and strive for everything he truly desires in life. Though he may be aggressive in his pursuit of victory, he wants to win fair and square. Male sexuality in the absence of masculinity to give it direction is a recipe for sexual harassment, rape, and the inevitable feminist backlash from women who no longer feel safe around men. Elliot Rodger was incredibly unmasculine, and he was also an entitled misogynist and a murderer.

Masculinity is NOT a mainstream-acceptable value! I’ve never felt so isolated from my peers than since I made the decision to embrace masculinity this January. I can’t talk to the guys about what I’m doing, because they’d rather be talking about football and rap music and video games and other stereotypical things. If the titles at the top of the page don’t convince you, I think the fact that I don’t feel I can talk to men about masculinity demonstrates just how edgy it actually is!

Modern feminism arose out of a climate of aggressive male misogyny caused by a lack of masculinity. Men became weak and indolent, and indolence breeds hatred. If you’re concerned about misogyny, you should support the healthy expression of and identification with masculinity, not condemn it as a harmful stereotype! And when you tell us it’s okay to cry, I know you mean well, but ask yourself this: deep down, does it really feel right to see men breaking down in tears all the time? If you’re a woman, would you want to be with a man like that? If you’re a man, is that the kind of guy you’d want to associate with? We all have our moments of weakness as a natural part of being human; we don’t need any encouragement!

For more information about the topic of masculinity (and how to “do” it), be sure to visit Danger&Play.com , the site of Mike Cernovich. He’s been doing it a lot longer than I have, and he taught me everything I know!

-Mike Meliora


(What follows is the sermonette I gave at the UUCSC Youth Service this month. Yes, I did follow the stage directions.)

Alright, I’m gonna talk to you about faith, and I have a lot to say about faith, so please bear with me. I’m not gonna be talking about God, this is a more fundamental kind of faith that often finds expression through religion, but fear not, I’m still the same pentagram-drawing, rock ‘n’ roll-playing atheist you know and love. I’m gonna be giving my perspective of what faith means to me, what it is and what it isn’t, and hopefully it’ll all come together nicely for you guys in the end. If you still don’t get it, just look up one of my songs on Facebook, I think I express myself better through music than through words, but here we go.


Faith is taking that hard extra step to make things work. It is not making excuses, blaming others, or being “nice”. Oftentimes, what society tells us is “nice” really doesn’t result in the best outcomes for those around us. Their lives remain undisturbed, but, come on, what fun is that? Think of the best relationship you’ve had. It probably wouldn’t have happened if somebody hadn’t had the balls to disrupt someone else’s “sacred” normalcy, and proclaim his or her “sinful” human attraction. Or, if you’re like me and you haven’t had such luck, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about luck and being “nice”, and start thinking about being the “sinful” one yourself. Nobody can save you from your desire, so get out there and own it! The world loves you back and wants you at your best! Just because no one will punish me for it doesn’t give me an excuse not to express myself, any more than the fact that it’s technically legal gives multinational corporations worth billions of dollars an excuse to cheat on their taxes.


Think of the people you admire most; how concerned were they with being “nice”? Let’s be honest; if your favorite bands had been “nice”, they wouldn’t have released any of their music. If Abraham Lincoln had been “nice”, he would have let the South keep their slaves. If Jesus had been “nice”, he wouldn’t have presumed that he knew anything about how to be a good person! Treating people with kindness by reaching out to them and making sure their needs are met is a virtue. By being “nice”, you satisfy only your own need for normalcy.


Acting with faith doesn’t always get you what you want. The defining characteristic of faith is that when you act with faith, you learn and grow from the experience, whether or not you achieve the desired result. I believe that in the end, when one acts with faith, there are no negative outcomes. That’s a big claim, and I wanna tell you a bit of a personal story to illustrate why I believe that. So 2015 was overall not the best year for me. I won’t say life was hard, because my family is well-off and extremely supportive, but of the 18 I’ve lived so far, it was definitely the worst. It all started with the school dance in the spring. I went to the dance with a girl I liked, hoping that we’d have a happy ending together, with angels singing and everything. To make a long story short, we’re still friends. Before that I think she sort of liked me, but I acted really unsure and flaky at the dance (because I lacked faith!), so it was definitely my fault that she lost interest. Because I had the irrational expectation that she’d just magically fall in love with who I was at the time, I naturally felt all sorts of crazy things when it didn’t happen. I thought I was a defective man, that I should have been gay, that the universe hated me, that the end of the world would be the most beautiful thing in the world. I’m lucky it only lasted for half a year.

Back then, I had no faith, only judgments. Judgement is the enemy of faith, because when you judge, you give up your power and responsibility.  There’s a big difference between blaming yourself as an entity and your actions, and I think it’s time for a Dumbledore quote, ahem. “It is not our abilities, Harry, but our choices that make us who we are”. Judgement is saying “She wasn’t impressed by me at the dance, because the universe hates me”. Faith is saying “She wasn’t impressed by me at the dance, because I failed to IMPRESS her”. See how the second sentence is empowering, while the first just sounds pathetic? Try extending each conclusion into the future, see what course of action is indicated. From sentence 1, we get: “I shouldn’t try to get anything I really want, because some evil cosmic force will just take it away”. But sentence 2, that leads to the conclusion that: “I should practice being confident and expressive so I can win over the next pretty girl I meet”. Which conclusion leads to the better outcome? When you have faith, you see things as they are, with no judgments.

I’ve talked enough about what faith ISN’T, now I wanna say what it IS. If we go back in time to when I asked this girl out to the dance, that’s a perfect example of acting with faith. It wasn’t easy, believe me, but I ultimately decided to trust my instincts and just go with it. And where does that leave me now? Well, because I acted with faith in the beginning, I ended up learning things that I never would have known otherwise. Last December, I sunk deep into myself and questioned everything I believed. I decided that I would rather take a risk, expose myself, have some Faith, and leave judgement behind. What did I have to lose? This year, I learned about Masculinity, I learned about Power, I learned about true Vulnerability. I learned about the majesty of a clear blue sky overhead, of the proud and loving light of the sun at midday. I learned the joy of pushing my limits, and the satisfaction of going to sleep a better man than I woke up. I learned that each person has a unique and wonderful story, and that they’re all worth listening to. I learned what I truly was, a Conqueror, and what I really wanted out of life, which was nothing short of Unconditional Victory. And I’m still learning about these things today, and new things. Even if I still have a long way to go to reach my strongest self, even if my courage may falter now and then, I’ve never felt so sure of myself, the path ahead has never been so clear. I’ve been using my time more efficiently, developing my creative skills rather than watching useless Youtube videos. I’ve been slowly but gradually getting back in shape after my sedentary period of several years, and even confronting the reality of my painfully under-developed social skills now and then. In 2015, I gave approximately 2% of myself; this year, I’ve been averaging around 10%. In the moment, I may have thought “I should never have gone to that dance”, but now I see things very differently. Because of that one act of true faith, I can say for sure that 2016 has been my best year since 4th grade, and it’s on track to be my best year yet.

Now that I’ve explained how great faith is, you wanna know where does it come from? Faith is trust. When you trust the right people, the people who are where you see yourself being, you will have an abundance of faith. Again, no judgments! You gotta be honest with yourself. For example, I recently started training with weights after reading the blog of an internet personality named Mike Cernovich. He’s a big guy, very confident, very smart, girls love him and other men bow down before him…and he’s also a Trump supporter, very politically incorrect. I could have just decided, “Hey, this guy doesn’t agree with my parents on stuff, he must be a bad man, I’m not gonna listen to what he has to say”. And the reasoning behind that decision would have been “Well, this man is bad”(a judgment), “and he’s popular and physically attractive, therefore, I shouldn’t want to be popular and physically attractive”(a SECOND judgment). Man, I’m not doing too well, am I? But instead, I said, “Well, this guy is living the life I want to live, and he’s trying to help other people get there…maybe I should trust him”. And as a result, I’ve made some big improvements, and I wish I had before and after pictures, but, this should suffice.

*removes shirt*

*puts shirt back on*

As you can see, I’m no Incredible Hulk, but if I had done that 3 months ago, you’d have emphatically told me to put the shirt back on. And you can see now, how all these points come together. Faith is simply the unconditional belief that an action you take will have a desirable result. Without faith, we are all condemned to blend with the crowd, as Bloodshot Dawn emphatically states, and mediocrity resounds.